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This is the real me, the real Ted Heater, manager of CarSmart in Kansas City.

You see me on tv, hear me on the radio, but in real life? I’m dad to Grace and Evan. Husband to best friend Jennifer Heater. And the manager of the largest independently owned used car dealership in Missouri or Kansas.

The Grand Experiment

In 1998, I opened a dealership in North Kansas City. I chose used cars because I liked the value and variety. No fluff-just real value. And, the grand experiment of treating people honestly and putting no sales pressure on them commenced day one. Don’t misunderstand: I want to make money. But not at the expense of my reputation. Fair and honest car dealers shouldn’t be an oxymoron, and I was committed to changing that. Plus, wouldn’t customers be more likely to buy cars from an automotive and finance expert who met their needs, answered their questions, rather than pushing a product at all costs?

Seems logical doesn’t it? And it’s working.

It’s been 14 years and the experiment is no longer an experiment; it’s a successful modus operandi for the people.

Today I remain the largest independently owned car dealer in the Midwest. And maybe my mom had a lot to do with it. I don’t know. But by instilling compassion and ethics into everything we do, we experience repeat and referral business with customer’s buying their first, and second, and third car from us. Sending families and friends: “Yes, CarSmart,” they say. “Ask for Ted. He’ll take care of you.”

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